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Preregister now! October 12 World Food Day 2023

On Thursday October 12th our World Food Day event will once again be taking place. Join us for an inspiring and informative programme either online, or live in person at de Rijtuigenloods in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

eating fish improves the nutritional status of children

Catherine Sarange is nutrition educator in Samaki Salama Project, where she works to improve the nutritional status of young children. Having gained further insights from the e-course in food systems by Wageningen University and NFP, she wrote a blog post for NFP Connects about fish food and health.

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Transforming food systems together

NFP Connects is an online community cultivated by Netherlands Food Partnership. As an organisation, NFP is dedicated towards creating a world without hunger, in which everyone has access to sustainable, healthy, safe and affordable food.