Food System Finance

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In the field of Financial Services, necessary to innovate sustainable food systems, the Dutch Financial Institutions, financial services experts of Dutch NGOs & Dutch knowledge institutes have a lot to offer to LMICs.

A bridge between food and finance

We note the need for ‘a bridge between food and finance’. On the one hand Dutch Financial Institutions are eager to fill their pipe-line while on the other hand innovations like climate-finance and de-risking are necessary to create feasible pipe-line. It is for this reason that NFP is facilitating a Community of Practice (CoP) Finance for Sustainable Food Systems.

Who is this community for?

The CoP is open to existing sustainable food systems finance challenges from the South. These challenges can be introduced by any food system stakeholder to the CoP. With its Dutch expertise on Food Systems and Financial Services, the CoP, in cooperation with the South, will co-create and pilot solutions for these challenges.

CoP objectives

  1. Co-create and pilot solutions for concrete challenges in Sustainable Food System Finance (challenges such as: ‘how to improve access to financial services for youth in agribusiness’, ‘how to use future carbon credit receipts as collateral for loans’, etc.)

  2. Gather existing and create new knowledge around Food Systems Finance and make this available through the NFP on-line platform.

CoP members

In order to reach this objective the ideal members of the CoP will be representatives of Dutch Financial Service suppliers and private funds mixed with Access to Finance experts from Dutch NGO’s and Dutch knowledge institutes.

Community lead

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Lisette van Benthum

NFP Coalition Builder