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NL-CGIAR event _ Responsible Scaling for Food Systems Transformation _ 13022024

On Tuesday February 13th, a NL-CGIAR breakfast meeting on Scaling Readiness: CGIARs novel approach to evidence-based management of innovation and scaling investment portfolios took place. Central to the meeting was CGIAR’s Scaling Readiness approach: an evidence-based management of innovation and scaling investment portfolios. This approach was explored with examples from CGIAR and RVO’s LAND-at-scale programme. In the report and presentation slides that you can download here, we share with you the key insights from the presentations and the lively discussions during the event.

The report provides an overview of discussions and insights shared during the event. 

It delves into the necessity of scaling innovations to achieve Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) and emphasizes the importance of collaboration in this endeavor. Key highlights include presentations on the Scaling Readiness approach, practical examples from CGIAR and RVO's LAND-at-scale program, and reflections on the challenges and opportunities in scaling agricultural innovations. The report concludes by underlining the significance of adopting adaptable approaches, embracing failure as a learning opportunity, and inviting stakeholders to engage with the Scaling Readiness approach for collective impact. It offers valuable insights for policymakers, researchers, and practitioners working towards sustainable food system transformation.

Learn from the insights shared in an interview by three of the participants of the event

Interested to get in touch with the Scaling Readiness team @ CGIAR

We invite you to reach out to: performanceandresults@cgiar.org


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Mariëlle Karssenberg

Knowledge Broker - Netherlands Food Partnership

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  • Anonymous

    Awesome, informative, educative and communicative.

    • Mariëlle Karssenberg

      Dear Mr Andrew Egala, Thanks for your kind reflections on this event report, much appreciated

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