E course guest talks: Helena Posthumus (Wageningen UR) and Bram Peters (Oxford Uni): Making food systems analysis work

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The e-course on food system transformation held its first webinar on February 15. The webinar discussion was facilitated by Bram de Groote from Wageningen CDI. Here you can watch the presentations by our two guest speakers:

Dr. Helena Posthumus, Wageningen UR, explains the concept of systems thinking and its importance for analysing food systems. She also gives an overview of the tools to use and its implications, and elaborates on when not to use a food systems approach. Finally, Helena gives some tips and best practices when carrying out a food systems analysis.

Bram Peters is the ForeSight4Food network facilitator at the Oxford University. He presents his current work and (mainly) his earlier experiences of applying a food systems approach in Myanmar. With their partners, a systemic theory of action was developed for the Myanmar portfolio of Cordaid/ICCO. Bram gives several examples of identified leverage points, how these were identified and which tools and approaches were used. He concludes with reflections towards systemic approaches in development practices.


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