Continuation NL-CGIAR research for global food and nutrition security

NWO is pleased to announce phase II of the successful NL-CGIAR Research programme, harnessing Dutch and CGIAR expertise to contribute jointly to improving global food and nutrition security. The programme will run from 2024-2030 and will continue to forge and strengthen research partnerships between CGIAR, the worlds leading agricultural innovation network, and Dutch knowledge institutes.

The research programme is part of the NL-CGIAR Partnership, started in 2015 and renewed officially in 2022, between CGIAR and the government of the Netherlands. Building upon a successful, positively evaluated, first phase (2017-2023) three partnership instruments for Phase II are foreseen.

  • The well-appreciated Senior Expert Programme (SEP) will be continued in Phase II. It facilitates senior scientists from Dutch knowledge institutes to work with selected CGIAR Research Initiatives and other organisational units of CGIAR, in research (management), innovation, knowledge sharing and capacity strengthening activities for up to four years.
  • An NL-CGIAR Water-Food Nexus call for collaborative research. Offering the opportunity for consortia to link up expertise and partners to generate insights and promote knowledge use and innovation via co-creation and an interdisciplinary approach in 4-year research projects within this area.
  • Knowledge provision grants for researchers from Dutch knowledge institutes will allow for short-term support to address knowledge questions from selected CGIAR Impact Area Platforms and organisational unit(s) that require short term expert assistance.

All three programmes will involve research partners and other (public and private) stakeholders in the agricultural and extension systems in the countries where research is carried out. The research programme is funded by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and implemented by NWO, in close collaboration with CGIAR and the Netherlands Food Partnership.

NL-CGIAR Research Programme



Gerrie Tuitert

Senior Policy Officer - International Relations at NWO

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