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The first edition of the Salinity Magazine is out now, and available here through the link above.

On Monday 29 April, the Salinity Magazine was officially launched at the FAO-WASAG technical meeting and presented by Ambassador Marcel Beukeboom, Permanent Representative of the Netherlands to the Rome-Based Agencies, to Dr Lifeng Li, Director of the Land and Water Division.

Some of the partners from the Saline Water & Food Systems partnership have provided a contribution to the magazine. It aims to showcase the challenge of salinity and includes introductory sections, background articles, interviews and information about the international actor network engaged with salinity issues.

This is the first edition of the Salinity Magazine, with some emphasis on salinity and saline agriculture. As the topic of salinity is quite broad, it was not possible to touch upon every aspect of it. We therefore intend to develop a second edition of the magazine and highlight specific perspective, such as on salinity and groundwater challenges. 

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