Food systems & agriculture on the agenda of COP28

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climate smart horticulture practice (NFP, 2018)

This article provides an introduction to the food systems and agriculture agenda at the COP28. It will include references to relevant programme elements and stakeholder groups.

Key programme information

The COP28 takes place in the United Arab Emirates, at the Expo City in Dubai from 30th November to 12 December 2023.

The COP28 website provides the latest information, including on the programme. It shows the conference sessions are categorised in zones:

  • The Blue zone is where the formal negotiations take place. It is a UNFCCC managed site, open to accredited party and observer delegates. It hosts the formal negotiations across the two weeks of the conference, as well as the World Climate Action Summit, the country pavilions, presidency events, and hundreds of side events including panel discussions, round tables, and cultural events. See:

  • The Green zone is open to delegates and guests of the Blue Zone, Public and Private Sector, NGOs and the General Public.

A full thematic programme is currently under development. Updates on the programme of the thematic days can be found here:

Pavilions during the COP28

Similarly to earlier COPs, specific Pavilions will focus on food systems and/or food & agriculture in relation to climate change:

Specific stakeholder groups and their engagement at COP 28


Local and regional governments (global network) have published their statement for the CoP28 with (short) reference to food and biodiversity




Nicole Metz

Senior Knowledge Broker - Netherlands Food Partnership

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Mariëlle Karssenberg

Knowledge Broker - Netherlands Food Partnership


Ruth van de Velde

Knowledge Broker

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