CoP Learning session: Meaningful youth engagement from a Value Chain & Livelihoods perspective

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September 13, 2023

09:00 AM - 10:30 AM


Event by NFP

Together we will explore and exchange about learnings in the context of agri-preneurship initiatives that embrace a meaningful youth engagement approach by hosting an interactive discussion between practitioners, youth networks and businesses.

The conversation will be kick-started by case presentations from our co-facilitators:

  • Hellen Onyango & Majina Mwasezi - VSO International: Building resilient livelihoods with and for vulnerable youth

  • Theophile Mudenge - 2SCALE: Engaging young entrepreneurs in Value Chain Development 

Are you interested or involved in a youth agripreneurship initiative? Would you like to join an open learning conversation to improve your efforts? Then we welcome you as a participant in the learning sessions and a member of the CoP.

Join our online conversation about meaningful youth engagement here

This learning session is the second in a series of three, all focusing on exchanging lessons and best practices related to the recommendations on effective youth agripreneurship programming identified in the policy brief developed by NFP, INCLUDE and The Broker

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Bente Meindertsma

Coalition Builder Netherlands Food Partnership


Joscha Betke

Knowledge Broker @ The Broker

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  • Anonymous

    For me, meaningful youth engagement goes beyond mere participation; it's about involving young people in decision-making processes, valuing their perspectives, and empowering them to actively contribute to the development and execution of programs. It's not just ticking a box; it's recognizing that young people bring unique insights, innovative ideas, and boundless energy to the table. In my experience, successful youth engagement approaches involve creating safe spaces for open dialogue, mentoring and capacity-building opportunities, and actively seeking youth input in program design, implementation and evaluation. It's about treating young people as partners, not just beneficiaries. While we have made progress in youth engagement, there's still much to learn and improve upon. We need to enhance our strategies for reaching marginalized youth, ensure that our programs are inclusive and accessible to all, and continuously adapt to the evolving needs and preferences of young people in an ever-changing world.

    • Joscha Betke

      Hi Saddam, Thank you for joining our last learning session on improving Meaningful Youth Engagement in youth agripreneurship initiatives! Very inspiring words... Youth speakers at the learning event have shown us that open dialogue and genuine recognition of young people's contributions serves to build their confidence to advocate for their needs. This does not necessarily have to be connected to agriculture but should be part of any youth agripreneurship intervention! (I will copy your contribution to the Community Conversation)