Better Market Access for Youth Agripreneurs: Working with Local Institutions

May 22, 2024

11:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Event by Netherlands Food Partnership

The Market Access working group of the CoP Youth Agripreneurship is thrilled to invite you to our upcoming "Youth Consultation Meeting". This online event will convene different working groups of youth agripreneurs and advocates, hosted by our CoP members GAIN, EAFF and VSO both on Zoom and at their country offices in Kenya and Tanzania.

The meeting will focus on "Working with Local Institutions to Improve Youth Inclusion and Market Access for Agripreneurs", and aims to:

  • Map local institutions and decision-making processes critical for better market access
  • Identify challenges and roles of different actors in addressing these challenges
  • Develop recommendations to link with existing social and political structures

Youth champions will exchange insights, stories, and lessons on working with local institutions such as county governments, private-sector associations, and cooperatives. This event is a unique opportunity for youth to provide input, share experiences, and engage in interactive discussions with their peers.

The input gathered during this Consultation Meeting will inform the topics discussed in the next Community of Practice (CoP) Learning Session. Members of this group will engage in a dialogue with representatives from local institutions to establish good practices and avenues for increased collaboration, potentially leading to the creation of handbooks for professionals.

Join us as we listen to the experience of youth agripreneurs how to bridge the gap with local institutions. Youth participants will actively contribute their insights and experiences, while online participants are encouraged to join and contribute their expertise towards co-creating recommendations for representatives and practitioners at local institutions.

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Bente Meindertsma

Coalition Builder Netherlands Food Partnership

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