WFD2023: True Price Policy & Practice

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The Global Partnership for the True Price of Food (GPTPF) had a busy NFP World Food Day 2023.

True Price Policy Forum

In the morning, GPTPF hosted the True Pricing Policy Forum, attended by around 40 policy and practice experts. Together, we discussed how to integrate true pricing into policy for more just and sustainable food systems. From this we jointly compiled several actionable policy recommendations. These are being integrated into a white paper on True Prices for Sustainable Food Systems, which GPTPF will present to relevant Dutch ministries and EU representatives in the near future. 

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Though the white paper will be published shortly, we want to share a sneak peak of some recommendations distilled from our morning programme:

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True Price side session with Tony's Chocolonely and Albert Heijn

In the afternoon, GPTPF organised a session with guest speakers and True Price practitioners: Martijn Versteegh of Albert Heijn and Paul Schoenmakers of Tony’s Chocolonely and panelists from GAIN, Behavioural Insights, and Impact Institute. The session objective was to inspire participants and provide them with the opportunity to join GPTPF. Given the lively panel discussion, the active participation and questions from the audience, topped off by the advice during plenary "to immerse oneself into the topic of True Pricing", and the fact that GPTPF now boasts 7 new members, we feel that goal was reached.

To learn more about the True Price activities of Albert Heijn visit the AH True Price website (Dutch) or download their AH True Price Experiment results (English). For more information on Tony’s Chocolonely and True Pricing please download their report on the True Cost of Cocoa (English).

We have collected some inspirational quotes from speakers and panelists for you to get a taste of what the session entailed:

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If you want to know more about True Pricing policy and practice from around the world, check out our World Map. On the same page, you can delve into some examples of how True Pricing can work in practice through our interview articles with Tony's Chocolonely, Albert Heijn, and Solidaridad.


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