Dutch stakeholders interested to walk the talk in food systems transformation

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The Food First Vijverbergsession in the Netherlands, of 29 March 2023, focused on the opportunities to walk the talk in food systems transformation. The UN Food Systems Hub Coordinator Stefanos Fotiou provided a key note on the developments at UN level, particularly the preparations for the UN Food Systems Stocktaking Moment of July 2023. He also elaborated upon the role of the Netherlands. The conversation that followed is very insightful regarding this global process towards and after the Stocktaking Moment, while it also provides ideas for action by Dutch stakeholders and their international partners. The powerpoint of Stefanos Fotiou can be downloaded via the pink button above. The full report of the Vijverberg session is available via the link below.

UN Food Systems Hub Coordinator Stefanos Fotiou clearly sees a role for the Netherlands to help make the case of what successful food systems transformation means, and inspire other countries. 

Participants showed interest to contribute to the 'ecosystem of support' , amongst others contributing to the successful implementation of the national pathways of African countries. This converged around three issues: 

* learning from transformation efforts in other sectors, 

* fostering local solutions, and 

* being a partner in multi stakeholder collaboration.

Lia van Weesenbeeck, director of the Amsterdam Centre for World Food Studies, concluded:

The next step is to connect to the national pathways, collaborate with the national food systems convenors, and to connect to the local ambitions, actions and agents for change. Important success factors highlighted in this discussion are having a clear long-term vision, collaborating with various stakeholders, and being aware of the resistance in the multilateral reality. 

Both in international collaboration, and in the Netherlands, there is plenty of opportunity to start walking the talk!

Thanks to Food First, Stefanos Fotiou, Marcel Beukeboom, Lia van Weesenbeeck, and all participants, on behalf of Netherlands Food Partnership which supported the organisation of this event. 



Nicole Metz

Senior Knowledge Broker - Netherlands Food Partnership

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