"Seeds of Change: The "Sesame Nutrigenius Team's Quest to Revolutionize Diabetic Diets with Sesame-Based Pasta"

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The Sesame Nutrigenius team is one of the two teams of the University of Abuja, Nigeria, that participate in the Food Systems Innovation Challenge. All 18 teams have been working on their project for almost two months now and we would like to see their progress and overall contributions to the challenge. To this end, we conducted an interview with the Sesame Nutrigenius team. If you are interested in learning about their developments and insights, please continue reading!

“Can you introduce your team?”

“Our team consists of Oluwakemisola Olayinka Ogunlade, Megan Lolomari Kurere, Ismail Afolabi Oyewole, Abdulqodir Aliyu Olayinka and Juliana Daudu from University of Abuja, Nigeria. We came together to develop the Innovation Sesame Base Pasta for diabetics patients. Sesame Base Pasta is a new type of pasta designed specifically for diabetic patients. Traditional pasta is often high in carbohydrates, which can spike blood sugar levels in those with diabetes. Our pasta uses sesame as the base instead of wheat flour, resulting in a low-carb, high-fiber product that is better suited for a diabetic diet.”

"What is the primary aim of your new project involving sesame-based pasta?"

“We aim to develop a new sesame-based pasta that meet diverse dietary needs (particularly those with diabetes), such as high protein, gluten-free, or nutrient-enriched options. This initiative will emphasize innovative processing methods to boost nutritional value, conduct market research to gauge consumer preferences, and ensure that products adhere to high quality and safety standards. Additionally, we will prioritize sustainable and ethical sourcing.”

"How will you evaluate the success of your product?"

“The project will include thorough testing and validation, collaboration with stakeholders, and the creation of a strong marketing strategy to inform consumers about the health benefits of sesame.”

“What was the main motivation to join the challenge?”

“We decided to join this innovation challenge because we saw a clear need for better food options for the diabetic community. Many diabetic patients struggle to find tasty, nutritious, and blood sugar-friendly meals. By creating the Innovation Sesame Base Pasta, we hope to provide a delicious and healthy alternative that can improve the dietary options and overall quality of life for those living with diabetes.”

"Can you share your expectations for participating in this challenge?"

"We expect that the challenge will help us to improve our team spirit, equip us with adequate information needed for a successful completion of the project. We also expect to get collaboration and funding from promising organizations."

"What do you hope to learn through this project?"

Through this project, we aim to learn how to create innovative sesame-based food products with improved nutritional value tailored to specific dietary needs. We will acquire skills in product development, nutritional enhancement, market research, and ensuring quality and safety standards. Furthermore, we will learn about sustainable sourcing, extensive product testing, evaluating commercial potential, stakeholder collaboration, effective marketing strategies, consumer education, and thorough project documentation.

"How has the workshop contributed to your project's development?"

The workshop has been helpful in channeling us on the right track, learning new things, problem solving and creation of new ideas. It also helped us on how to go about fundraising and communication strategies."

"How do you see this experience benefiting your team?"

This experience will give us a comprehensive understanding of the processes involved in developing, testing, and marketing health-oriented food products.

The other team of the University of Abuja that participates in the Food Systems Innovation challenge is the team "Sugar Shakers". Dive into their innovative concepts and check out all the other selected teams here!

More information about the Food Systems Innovation Challenge can be found on the website or on our community page.


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Maaike de Wit

Communication Coordinator WUR Student Challenges (Wageningen University & Research)

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