Global food security policy Netherlands: a step-by-step plan

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FAO Food Insecurity Map (FAO, IFAD, UNICEF, WFP, WHO, 2022)

The Dutch government has presented a letter to parliament with a step-by-step plan for global food security. Minister Schreinemacher (Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation) and Minister Adema (Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality) presented it to the House of Representatives, in response to a motion requesting a step-by-step plan and various other motions and questions.

The step-by-step plan outlines the most important steps by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation and the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature & Food Quality. It announces a budget increase of €90 million per year, from €330 to €420 million per year during 5 years. The letter acknowledges the relevance of the strategy described in the Dutch Food Security Policy 2019, and confirms the targets therein. 

In the context of the current crises in the world, including in Ukraine, it calls for extra efforts to realise Zero Hunger: a substantial crisis response, which is connected to the long term resilience to shocks of food systems. Hence, a coherent strategy along the humanitarian-development-peace nexus is implemented through programmes that address acute food insecurity alongside longer term interventions. 

The Netherlands will align with national food systems pathways of partner countries. The effectiveness of regional and local markets as well as global markets will be promoted. Attention will be given to the need to make local food systems less vulnerable to droughts, floodings, instability, and global market price volatility, e.g. as a result of the covid pandemic.

Highlights in the letter:

  • Announcement of a subsidy programme for soil fertility in two African regions. (this subsidy programme was published in January 2023)

  • An informative overview of the major programmes the Dutch government invests in, e.g. in partnership with WFP, African Development Bank, UNICEF, Agriterra, Solidaridad, and others.

  • A key role for smallholder farmers within climate resilient local food systems and economies

  • Investments into social protection for food security will be doubled to €30 million per year

  • Position of youth and women in food systems needs to be reinforced through an integrated approach

  • The seed sector is specifically mentioned, with reference to Seed NL

  • The Dutch Agricultural Agreement (“Landbouwakkoord”) is considered the Netherlands’ national pathway.

  • The role of Dutch knowledge and skills is referred to as an asset for international partners and bilateral programmes, with specific reference to the support provided by Netherlands Food Partnership.

Read the step-by-step plan (in Dutch)

See the letter of 23 December 2022 with an informative annex about the global food security situation.



Nicole Metz

Senior Knowledge Broker - Netherlands Food Partnership

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  • Nicole Metz

    dear readers, If you are interested in earlier Dutch parliament conversations on food security, it may be worth checking the findings from the specific briefing held in May 2022 to discuss the implications of the Ukraine crisis for global food security. Background papers written by the experts are available on that web page too (most information in Dutch)

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