FORQLAB Newsletter, 2023 Issue 2

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Inspection of young avocado trees during a farm visit in Meru county

This latest edition of the FORQLAB newsletter is out! The Newsletter highlights our ongoing endeavours in the realms of food waste reduction and enhancing food quality in Kenya. FORQLAB, standing for the Food Waste Reduction and Food Quality Living Lab, is on a mission to answer two critical action research questions that have the potential to transform the avocado and dairy sectors in Kenya. Our focus? Identifying the technical and governance interventions needed to not only ensure the production of safe products but also to minimise food losses.

Collaborating closely with esteemed partners, including Meru University of science and technology and Egerton University in Kenya, as well as four Dutch universities of applied sciences—Van Hall Larenstein, HAS Green Academy, InHolland, and Aeres—we have been engaging with seven Kenyan farmer cooperatives and their business partners operating in both the avocado export and domestic dairy sectors.

In this edition, we invite you to delve into the following exciting updates and milestones:

  • FORQLAB Kenya Team's Insightful Visit to Partners in the Netherlands 
  • FORQLAB's Mission in Kenya 
  • Deliberations with Avocado Cooperatives
  • Meetings with Dairy Cooperatives
  • Mid-term Meeting Highlights
  • ERASMUS+ Partnership
  • Staying Connected with NFP Connects


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Ken Owino

NFP Communications


Esther Kapsoot

communication lead FORQLAB

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