Zambia Dairy Transformation Programme (ZDTP)

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A panel discussion at the ZDTP closing symposium.

Funded by the New Zealand Aid Programme from 2017 to 2023, the Zambia Dairy Transformation Programme or ZDTP has supported smallholder and emergent dairy farmers to improve their productivity, milk quality and linkage to urban markets, driving the commercialisation of a predominantly smallholder-based Zambian dairy sector. The programme focused on the adoption of improved dairy practices, has been implemented by Prime Consulting International Ltd from New Zealand.

ZDTP Towards a Sustainable Zambian Dairy Industry

On November 7th, ZDTP organised a closing symposium to share the programme’s achievements and to discuss the sustainability of its interventions with the Zambian dairy sector stakeholders. Marco Streng, NEADAP’s coordinator, was a panellist in the session titled ‘Towards a Blended Extension Model’. Marco contributed with insights from an East African standpoint, highlighting the ever-increasing demand for dairy products, the need for sustainable extension services, and the various existing modalities. The central theme of the discussion revolved around determining the primary entity responsible for coordinating collaboration among diverse service providers, ensuring alignment of messages for farmers and preventing duplication. While the government and cooperatives emerged as potentially ideal for this role, their limited capacities and budgets might hinder their effectiveness.

The symposium concluded with a networking session where representatives from the Zambia Dairy Association and the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries were present. Topics encompassed collaboration within the East and Southern Africa Dairy Association (ESADA). NEADAP actively shares and scales the best dairy development practices in East Africa but there is a clear opportunity to extend this collaboration beyond regional boundaries.

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NEADAP regional coordinator at the ZDTP closing symposium.

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Marco Streng

Regional coordinator East Africa NEADAP

Alex Mounde Arisi

Alex Mounde

Communication officer NEADAP

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