Storybook Bridge dairy programme Ethiopia now published!

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This storybook celebrates the achievements of the BRIDGE project (2018-2023), which empowered 82,000 Ethiopian dairy farming households. It goes beyond increased milk production and market access, focusing on the human stories of resilience and community building.

Key Achievements in BRIDGE dairy programme Ethiopia

- Improved lives of 82,000 dairy farming households.

- Empowered individuals and strengthened communities.

- Shifted focus from small changes to creating a substantial impact in focused areas.

- Encouraged a business mindset among smallholder dairy farmers.

The Storybook:

- Gathers personal stories from practitioners in the field.

- Highlights the importance of collaboration and people-centred development.

- Features success stories on Improved milk production; Improved input and output market and Nutrition and food safety.

- The download below is compressed to 4 MB, if you look for the full quality, follow this link


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