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NEADAP is a partnership that brings together Dutch and East African dairy organisations around the ambition to develop, share, and scale proven solutions for dairy development. NEADAP is grateful for the support granted in 2022 and 2023 by the EKN Addis on behalf of the Netherlands embassies in East Africa.

While we are working on formal approval of another support phase for NEADAP, its partners continue their efforts on dairy development in East Africa:

  • NFP is organising an exercise with partners to capture the lessons learned from the current phase. These lessons will guide collaboration in the next phase.
  • ILRI and its partners launched the new campaign called ‘Solutions with legs’ at COP28, to draw attention to the multiple environmental, economic and community benefits livestock has to offer in low- and middle-income countries.
  • The year-round availability of fodder approach, which was presented by Jos Creemers, ProDairy, during a NEADAP forage webinar on the 6th of December will continue.BAMSCOS Union, Agriterra, FAO, and ProDairy are committed to continue developing and testing this approach in which a plan is made with farmers to secure year-round availability of fodder in combination with good feeding practices. In Q1 of 2024, an update will be provided to the community of practice around forage in East Africa.
  • Alex has structured all NEADAP resources at this online page so it is easily accessible for all dairy sector stakeholders in East Africa.

We are pleased to witness the continuation of such initiatives while we progress towards the approval of another phase of NEADAP. This persistence underscores the significance of the solutions and the commitment of our partners to furthering the dairy sector.

During this period, the coordination of NEADAP by Marco Streng and the dissemination of results by Alex Mounde will be temporarily suspended. To sustain the connections among dairy stakeholders in East Africa, please direct any inquiries or requests for partnership connections to Wim Goris from NFP at

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Marco Streng

Regional coordinator East Africa NEADAP

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Wim Goris

coalition builder

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