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Through this magazine we aim to inform you about ongoing initiatives in the region and offer practical tools for your daily work, whether youre a farmer, extension officer or policymaker. We also share our vision on sustainable dairy sector development in East Africa and invite you us on this online platform.

Dairy is important in countries such as Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda, and Burundi. In the East African region, dairy products are an essential source of micronutrients and high-quality proteins. A robust supply of dairy enhances dietary diversity for the people and substantially contributes to the economies of these countries, mainly through income generation and employment. In pursuit of a sustainable future, the dairy sector is actively exploring ways to counter the adverse effects imposed by climate change and reduce its own climate footprint.

The Netherlands East Africa Dairy Partnership (NEADAP) functions as a network for the exchange of knowledge and fostering collaboration to tackle the challenges and leverage the development of the dairy sector in East Africa. NEADAP builds on diverse dairy development initiatives in the region. Its focus centres on adapting and scaling specific solutions, including parent-led school milk, quality-based milk payment systems, forage production, feeding, and manure management. This scaling occurs in collaboration with partners in the various countries.

NEADAP also actively engages in policy and strategic discussions.


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