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NEADAP conducted a scoping visit to Burundi from 23 to 27 October 2022, with the support of value chain expert Pierre Claver under the SNV PADANE project.

The aim of the visit was to explore possible collaborations and projects in dairy development in the country and to determine how NEADAP products can contribute to these efforts. The team visited various organizations, including ISABU, IFAD, Twitezimbere, Modern Dairy Burundi, Lifeway, the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and the Kiryama cooperative. 

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Based on discussions with stakeholders, several NEADAP products appear to be appropriate for implementation in the Burundi context. A Dairy Sustainability Assessment Tool (DSAT) workshop will be organized to identify bottlenecks in sustainability; the Rumen8 tool for feed rationing will be introduced; and small-scale yoghurt production will be assessed under the PADANE project. Extension services focusing on forage and silage production are also potential areas for collaboration. NEADAP plans to continue discussions with the SNV PADANE project and other potential partners, and we welcome additional suggestions.

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