The Global Partnership for the True Price of Food pilot project: the true cost and true price of food in Rwanda

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After ending 2023 with our successful second policy forum in Amsterdam, a Global Partnership for the True Price of Food (GPTPF) delegation kicked off the new year in Kigali, Rwanda. The team has been working closely over the last months with Rwandan consumer organisation ADECOR (now also a proud partnership member) to launch a pilot project on true pricing in Rwanda.

During our week in Kigali, we worked together on devising the overall project and discussed our plans - which were generally received with much enthusiasm - with government bodies, development agencies, international NGOs and more. This culminated in a presentation and informal dinner with a diverse group of well-positioned professionals interested in our initiative.

In a nutshell, our project in Rwanda aims to create transparency of cost price and true price externalities for (1) a just income for food producers; and (2) sustainable, healthy, and affordable food for consumers and food value chain actors. Together with our partners, we will jointly determine one or two food value chains to be assessed on both cost price and true price. Outcomes of the assessment will feed into action on capacity building, policy influencing, and awareness raising. In the long term, we want to see significant improvement on true pricing indicators, for example on living income.

Find more information on the project by clicking on the button under our group photo!

Interested in the Rwandan project? Get in touch with if you would like to receive further information, or if you would like to discuss how you can get involved. Interested in the broader partnership? Reach out to us via or  become a member. And stay tuned for more news on the GPTPF in Rwanda!


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