NFP's third and last 2024 true pricing seed fund grant is awarded to RDNA for True pricing of organic meat in Egypt

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We are happy to announce that RDNA, Egypt's premium health food store, is the third and last organization which will receive a grant from the NFP 2024 true pricing seed fund !

RDNA primary aim is to raise awareness about the true cost of commodities, starting with organic meat. Their objectives include:

1. Expanding consumer awareness on the concept of True Price Gap

2. Expose a few environmental and social externalities that are not being directly charged to the end consumer.

3. Communicate the findings in an easy-to-grasp language and mediums.

RDNA premium health food store in Egypt has direct engagement alongside the whole organic meat value chain; from cattle to the end consumer. The cows are being raised in RDNA's partner farms Sekem in Sharkia (75 min from Cairo). Sekem has Demeter-certified farms and kettle-raising practices. Hence the choice to focus primarily on organic meat; as it is RDNAs primary product.

'The project is expected to significantly raise awareness about the hidden costs of commonly consumed products. By focusing on organic meat, we aim to make the concept of externalities more relatable, understandable and considered. This increased awareness will promote more informed and sustainable consumption choices, contributing to long-term environmental and social benefits.' Mazen Helmy Mohamed, RDNA premium health food story Egypt

We are glad to be able to make such an important and impactful project possible.

NFPs 2024 true pricing seed fund is now fully depleted. Stay tuned for updates on the three projects which will run under this seed fund until the end of this year. 


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