NEADAP Reports - Exploring dairy extension in East Africa

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NEADAP is committed to supporting dairy advisory services in East Africa. As part of this work, we explored the existing diversity of extension models in the six countries of NEADAP and provided representatives of different dairy advisory services with an opportunity to reflect on their success factors and their own capabilities and performance so they could identify areas for improvement. You can read more about in this community update.

Ultimately, our aim is to create a roadmap for decision-makers to foster an environment conducive to dairy farmers thriving and experiencing the positive impact of these services.


The NEADAP team would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and appreciation to the following individuals and organizations who contributed significantly to the successful completion of this research : Peter Kalinda (Uganda), Esperance Niyonsaba and Privat Barajenguye (Burundi), Kipchirchir Julius Kosgei (Kenya), Target Business consultants (Ethiopia), Dr John Baptist Musemakweli (Rwanda), Paschal Lala Tekwi (Tanzania). We would also like to extend our thanks to all the team members who worked behind the scenes, ensuring the smooth execution of this research. Your collaboration and commitment have been crucial to the accomplishment of this study. Last but not least, we are deeply grateful to all the participants who took the time to engage in our survey. Without your valuable input, this research would not have been possible. Your willingness to share your perspectives and experiences is sincerely appreciated.

Do you have questions about our study? Let us know.

Annabelle Daburon at or Kevine Otieno at


Kevine Otieno

Kevine Otieno

NEADAP Extension Assistant

Anabelle Daburon

Annabelle Daburon

Livestock Value Chain Advisor - Wageningen University & Research, Centre for Development Innovation

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