NEADAP develops two new tools to support fodder production in East Africa

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Farmers Milking cows in Baringo, Kenya

If you are a dairy farmer or a stakeholder in the East African dairy sector, you know how important it is to have enough quality fodder for your cows. Availability of Quality Fodder all year round is the key to meeting the growing demand for dairy products in the region in a sustainable way. However, many farmers face challenges in producing the required quantity and quality of fodder, such as low yields, poor nutritional quality, high costs, and climatic effects among others.

To help you overcome these challenges and improve your fodder production, the Netherlands East Africa Dairy Partnership (NEADAP) has developed two new tools: the Forage Finder and the Forage Cost Calculator. These tools are designed by NEADAP’s Damaris Kikwai, a dairy nutrition specialist, and ProDairy East Africa’s managing consultant Jos Creemers. The tools development partners are SNV Kenya and Prodairy East Africa, in collaboration with KARLO and CIAT.

The Forage Finder is a list that helps you select the best forage varieties for your location and needs. It provides information on the yield, nutritional quality, adaptability, tolerance, and suitability of different forages for various feeding systems. The Forage Finder covers improved forage varieties available in Kenya and Ethiopia and can be expanded for use in other East African countries.

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The Forage Cost Calculator on the other hand is a tool that helps you calculate the cost of producing different forages. It allows you to calculate the cost of establishment, maintenance, and harvesting of fresh fodder and the cost per tonne of forage produced as well as the cost of making hay and silage. It also enables you to compare the cost per unit of energy and protein of different forages, which are essential for feeding your cows.

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These tools are the first of their kind in East Africa and can help you optimize your fodder production and utilization, leading to better dairy performance and income. To learn more about these tools and how to use them, you are invited to join the NEADAP webinar on December 6, where ProDairy East Africa will present the tools and demonstrate their use. The webinar will also feature a case study on the year-round supply of good quality fodder in collaboration with BAMCOS Cooperative Union in Kenya.

Join the NEADAP webinar on December 6, where ProDairy East Africa will present the tools and demonstrate their use.
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NEADAP's Damaris Kikwai and ProDairy EA's Peris during a field exercise in Baringo Kenya

Don’t miss this opportunity to boost your dairy production with better fodder. Register for the webinar today and get access to the Forage Finder and the Forage Cost Calculator. You can also visit the NEADAP website for more information and resources on dairy development in East Africa.



Damaris Kikwai

Junior consultant NEADAP

Jos Creemers

Jos Creemers

Managing Consultant, ProDairy E.A. Ltd

Alex Mounde Arisi

Alex Mounde

Communication officer NEADAP

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