A glimpse into NEADAP's transformative activities in ugandan dairy sector

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Steven Aikiriza, NEADAP Country coordinator, Uganda during a recent farmers' sensitization event

The Netherlands East African Dairy Partnership (NEADAP) has emerged as a catalyst for dairy sector growth in East Africa, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and collaboration. Over the last two years, NEADAP's activities in Uganda have shown their commitment to tackling challenges and fostering development in the dairy sector.

GEIHANGWE: Abariisa basiimire ekitongore kya SNV ahabw'okutunguura entaasya kurabira omu kuriisa.

NEADAP has embarked on a journey to foster collaborations, introduce innovative tools, and address critical challenges within Uganda's dairy sector. With a focus on knowledge exchange and practical interventions, the partnership has made remarkable strides in enhancing the resilience and sustainability of the dairy industry.

Empowering Young Dairy Professionals

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Training of Extension workers to match the farmers' expectations. Let‘s reflect on the key drivers of dairy farming and dairy farmers. About policies to support young farmers, decision factors and expectations of the next generation, succession models and legislation, as well as general criteria for the future design of dairy farms.#NEADAP #SNV

In a bid to nurture a new generation of dairy experts, NEADAP hosted a team of consultants in October 2022. This team embarked on a 5-day mission to fine-tune a pilot training program for young dairy professionals, targeting farm managers, extension workers, and milk collection centre managers. The aim is to equip them with the skills and knowledge needed to drive the dairy sector forward.

Climate-Smart Dairy Development

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NEADAP workshop on dairy sustainability on going at Lake View hotel

A significant milestone was reached in September 2022 when stakeholders convened in Mbarara to discuss climate-smart dairy development. This consultative meeting saw participants from diverse sectors, including lead farmers, dairy mechanization experts, and government officials, coming together to shape a sustainable future for Ugandan dairy amidst climate challenges.

Revolutionizing Ruminant Nutrition

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NEADAP has embraced cutting-edge technology, such as the Rumen8 tool, to revolutionize ruminant nutrition. By introducing this innovative tool in 2021, NEADAP has enabled farmers to optimize cattle diets, manage feeding costs, and make informed decisions, ultimately boosting productivity and profitability.

Showcasing Agriculture Excellence

NEADAP's commitment to showcasing agriculture excellence was evident at the Harvest Money Expo, East Africa's premier agriculture and agribusiness event. Through active participation and engagement, NEADAP is drawing attention to the Dutch private sector, fostering connections, and sparking interest in agricultural ventures in Uganda.

Fostering Cross-Border Knowledge Exchange

NEADAP's influence extends beyond Uganda's borders, with cross-border knowledge exchange initiatives gathering momentum. Farmers from Rwanda and Kenya have engaged in exchange visits and discussions, highlighting the significance of collaborative learning for
regional dairy development.

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Digital Learning for Dairy Professionals

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Acacia Mbarara City Annet the "coach" from Rwentanga Farm School at blended learning business planning workshop listing challenges and opportunities embedded in EARNED project. Financial, infrastructure, inadequate equipment, farm biosecurity among others. Sept 2022

NEADAP's partnership with Mbarara University of Science and Technology has led to the creation of a digital dairy learning platform. This initiative is bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application, empowering young professionals with skills that will shape the dairy industry's future.

Pioneering Manure Management

Manure management takes centre stage in NEADAP's priorities, with recent training sessions drawing inspiration from successful experiences in the Netherlands and Kenya. By promoting sustainable manure management practices, NEADAP is contributing to environmental protection and improved farm productivity.

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A 3-day NEADAP training on Manure management at the SHF household level ended well. agreed action point by all participants was -awareness creation to SHFs about the need for manure across clusters, a plan to establish demo homes and having a standardized training approach.

Advancing Extension Services

A comprehensive study on extension service models has yielded valuable insights, empowering NEADAP to enhance its extension services and better serve dairy stakeholders across East Africa.

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Rwentanga Farm Institute admin and #NEADAP consultants exploring jobs and competencies profiling for effective training young dairy professionals. - Oct 2022

Innovations in Mechanization

NEADAP's commitment to innovation shines through its mechanization efforts, which have led to improved forage production and enhanced feed quality. By championing mechanization, NEADAP is revolutionizing dairy farming practices in Uganda.

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The boom Sprayer, one of the missing implements in mechanization

Elevating Milk Quality

NEADAP's focus on milk quality goes beyond the farm, extending to school milk programs. Through initiatives like the Quality Based Milk Payment System, NEADAP is driving improvements in milk quality, benefiting both consumers and stakeholders in the dairy value chain.

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Milk analysing machine

Cultivating Forage Excellence

NEADAP's unwavering dedication to forage excellence is evident in its comprehensive approach to forage seed sector evaluation and development. By hosting workshops, and field sessions to test forage cost calculation models and supporting the development of the forage quality scanner, NEADAP is paving the way for sustainable forage production.

As NEADAP continues to connect partnerships, introduce transformative tools, and address critical challenges, the future of Uganda's dairy sector looks promising. With a strong emphasis on sustainability, innovation, and knowledge sharing, NEADAP is at the forefront of shaping a resilient and thriving dairy industry in East Africa.

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Aikiriza Steven

Dairy Advisor - Training Extension Advisory

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